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Hack any recipe to fit your diet

The first AI-powered tool to automatically adapt any recipe to fit your keto, paleo, or vegan needs - no strict menus required.

🍖 Flag ingredients that don't fit your requirements
🍐 Automatically change ingredients and steps to fit your diet
🍎 Quickly calculate carbs, protein & fat
🥚 No screen hopping, install in your browser and get results on page

Tired of hunting for the right recipe? Hack it.

Before RecipeHack

  • Recipe sites only for your diet

  • Endless scrolling to find the recipe

  • Confusing substitutions

  • Missing nutritional info

  • The same meals over and over

After RecipeHack

  • Adapt recipes from anywhere

  • Recipe pulled out for you

  • Smart subs automatically

  • Clear macros & restriction alerts

  • Endless meals adapted to you

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